Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party: Your Favorite Classroom Decor Pins

I know I'm not the only one out there who is totally obsessed with Pinterest, right?  Well, I've decided to host a fun little weekly Ten Pin Linky Party.  Simply Link up with your 10 favorite pinterest pins related to a given topic.  This week's topic is Classroom Decor!  I'll Start!
This adorable bowling clipart and paper is from the fabulous Maree Truelove!

 1. I'm loving all of the great subway art out there.  Hope King has a fabulous subway art packet available.  Lots of other bloggers have been busily sharing subway art.  I bought black fabric for my bulletin boards and I want one whole board devoted to subway art. :)  (Click pic to take you to the pin)

2.  I love the idea of attaching my birthday bags to the wall and filling them with the birthday kids' goodies so that all I have to do is reach in and grab their goodies at the appropriate time.  This reminds me, I totally FAILED at recognizing birthdays in my room this year.  :(
She stapled these white paper bags to the wall and filled them with tissue paper.  Then wrote the students' birthdays on the cupcakes and put a birthday pencil in the bag for them.  Easy way to see the birthdays coming up and ensure that you have their gift ready. She used CTP's Cupcakes 6" Designer Cut-Outs for inspiration! 
3.   I would love a loft but they are so expensive.  Since I have an owl theme, I'm thinking of having hubby build this Magic Tree House loft that sits on the floor and having an owl in a big old tree in the background.
"The Magic Tree House" ... fun reading corner loft built on the ground level to be safer.  (Notice the rope ladder and tree... too cute.) 
4.  I've purchased Mountain Math and Mountain Language to use next year and I've been dreading filling up my only bulletin boards with it.  Then I discovered this pin and was thrilled at the thought of using pocket charts instead!
pocket charts for mountain math or mountain grammar 

5.  Since my firsties are newbies at reading a clock, I love this visual reference for important times.  This will give them some independence in keeping track of our schedule!
Important Times ~ Love This Idea! 

6.  I love hanging anchor charts from clothespins.  They are so much easier to remove and don't damage my charts.  I loved this idea for dying the pins so they match my color scheme!

Rit dyed clothespins- I use colored clothespins for so many activities! This is such an easier way to color them!  

7.  I love this pin for seasonal bulletin board ideas...all in one place!
Bulletin Board Round Up via RainbowsWithinReach  

8.  I'm gonna be sharing this idea with my daughter's Kindergarten teacher.  I love, love, love it!  I'm thinking about making one with blends and digraphs for first grade.  :)
DIY ABC Tree  

9.  I love this idea for maximizing every inch in the room....turning two file cabinets into another display area!  Perfect!
I hated the fact the my two filing cabinets didn't match - so I pushed their backs together and covered one side with some cute fabric and a border - now u can't tell they don't match and plus I have a magnet board for behind my desk - it was super easy and cheap 
Source:  Unknown  

10.  Who wouldn't want to read in Cara Carroll's Fabulous reading nook?  I love the idea of having room for anchor charts in the background!
i really love how cozy this classroom library is! 

Now it's your turn!  Link up and share your 10 favorite Classroom Decor Pins from Pinterest!  Be sure to link each picture back to your pin so we can all go pin the image.  Also, share your pinterest information so we can follow you!  You can follow me on Pinterest here:

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