Monday, February 4, 2013

Challenging my Highest Readers

My sweet first graders are devouring books....seriously!  They love to read.  We administered the STAR test (through A.R.) the other day and they were all above top three were 2.9, 3.0, and 5.3.  I was amazed at their progress!  I only have 6 kiddos in my class (praying for more next year--enrollment was way down this year!).  3 are average readers; 3 are above average readers.  One way I'm challenging my above average readers is by letting them read lots of chapter books and take A.R. tests during small group time.  Also, I've been giving my Henry and Mudge reading trifolds to this group of kiddos.  They have to read the trifolds and the books completely independently.  The trifolds cover a variety of reading and language skills....cause/effect, making predictions, inferences, compare/contrast, comprehension questions, text-to-self connections, nouns/verbs, etc.  I was so impressed with their responses the first go round.  As part of their reading contract, they will be responsible for completing one of these each week!  I'm also finishing up a set of trifolds for the Junie B., First Grader series.  The trifolds are in a book basket like this....and the kids use the trifold as a bookmark while they work.

I'd love to give away a copy of my H & M trifolds.  Please comment below telling me how you challenge your top reading group.  I'll choose a winner later this week. :)


  1. The thought of only 6 kids is unimaginable to me! These look like a great way to challenge those high flyers. My high readers do novel studies. They each have a "book job" and then come prepared to discuss assigned reading.

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. The 2nd grade class next door has 11 kids...which is our normal average. We got scary low this year! I'm praying God blesses us with many more kids next year! Keep in mind I teach at a small Christian school! :)

  2. Awwww.....when I taught 1st grade I used lots of books just like the ones your using! It really makes a big difference!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  3. I used your Henry & Mudge foldable for the first book. It was great! Right now, I am letting my top readers choose a topic each week and then we go from there! For example, a few weeks ago they chose MLK so they each read a different book and we talked about main idea & detail. This week, they chose Amelia Bedelia so we are going to work on idioms! love it!

  4. I use chapter books with my highest readers as well as genre studies. I have students choose a topic then they go to the library and pick a nonfiction and fiction book on their topic. The students read both books and do retells. Then they do a venn diagram comparing and contrasting the books. The culminating project is to pick one of the books and complete a cereal box retell( each side tells a different part... beginning, problem solution, middle, character development or facts, and connection to the story. The students have always loved the lesson.

  5. I would actually love these to help some of my low third graders. It's hard to find resources for them that aren't too easy or too hard. These look good!

  6. And your Junie B. trifolds will be AMAZING!

  7. Thanks for the opportunity. They love completing activities like these.

  8. I teacher second grade so I'll often have my higher readers complete book reviews on books in my classroom library. As the "Book Critic", they choose a chapter book to read, then complete a review of the book. The review includes a short retell, their opinion of the book, and some sort of visual representation of an event in the story. Then they present their recommended book to the class and explain why they should read the book as well! My kids love being "Book Critics". We don't have A.R. in our district, but we do use Reading Counts. If the book they recommend doesn't have a RC quiz for it, I will have the students create a quiz for the book and I'll input it into the program. My kids love to see how many students in our room they persuaded to read their book and take their quiz! Thanks for the opportunity!

    The Applicious Teacher

  9. These look amazing! We just read Henry and Mudge...The First Book last week and my kiddos loved them. I've been looking for a little something-something to use for our next book! I love your format! I love your layout! I would totally love the opportunity to try these out in my classroom! :)
    A Pirates Life for Us

    Oh, pickles! I forgot to tell you how I challenge my top readers...I purchased a book from Scholastic with Independent Reading Contracts for various genres that cover lots of different skills. We do a few together so that they become familiar with my expectations and then I let them go on their own!

  10. Wow - 6. I have 27! And mostly ESL... with no ESL support...

    I have 4 high readers, and they are reading an Oxford Reading Tree selection integrated with our last Science unit. In a small booklet, they are writing the main idea/events from each chapter.

    Love the trifold idea!

    - Amanda {}
    Inspired in Second

  11. This looks great! I am always looking for ways to challenge my top readers. I use chapter books with them, reader's response journals,graphic organizers, and variations of rotten apple games that I have made for different chunks or affixes. I would love to use your cute resource too!

  12. Congrats on your kids' reading levels. We also do AR and the STAR tests. I would love a copy of your tri-folds. It looks great. I teach 2nd. I challenge my students by choosing great literature for read alouds to get them interested in the LOVE of reading chapter books where imagination is the "key" to transporting yourself to other places. That's my job - to inspire my kids and "gift" them with the love of reading.

  13. I do biographies and a lot I non-fiction with my high readers. We discuss non-fiction features and how they can help us as readers. We also read chapter books and do literature circles. I also teach first grade. I would love to win your Henry and Mudge trifolds I would definitely be able to use them. Great ideas! What a dream to only have 6 students.