Monday, December 3, 2012

I love presents!

Today I had a sudden burst of inspiration and ran with it.  We were getting ready to do Amy Lemons’ present/past verb sort from her Christmas Craze unit, and I knew I needed to clarify and review present and past with my firsties.  I whipped this activity together in a few minutes so it isn't really cute in the pictures, but spent a little time this afternoon typing it up for y’all.  I wrote down a variety of verbs (present and past) on index cards. 

 I labeled a Christmas gift bag with “present” and we talked about how we always want to open a present RIGHT NOW!  Hence, the present is happening right now.  In my typing up of the activity, I realized it would be cool to have some wadded up gift wrap or an opened present and label it the past since we ALREADY opened it.  But, I didn’t think that quickly this morninglol!!  The kids stood up and read their verbs and as a class we decided if the verb was present or past tense.  The present tense verbs went in the bag; the past tense verbs went on the floor (or beside the wadded up gift wrap).  We discussed how “Cut” could be present or past and put it in a category of its own. 

The kids absolutely loved it and the concepts really seemed to stick.  If the verb they read was past tense, I made them tell me what the present tense would be and vice versa.  This was a great review and led right into the practice page in Amy’s unit.  You can download your own copy of my activity {HERE} or pick up this activity (and tons more!!)  by visiting Freebielicious's (is that a word??) Fabulous Freebies on the First Linky Party:

Remember that my 12 Days of Christmas {Literature} unit will be on sale for the rest of December for only $5 (reg. $8.50). 


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