Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

 Isn't it unbelievably fun to be a teacher during Christmas?  I love all of the projects, crafts, amazing literature, gifts, and more!  Tomorrow the K-2 students from our school are going to see a Christmas play and eat lunch with Santa at a regional college.  We are sooooo excited!  I’m even sneaking Miss Morgan out of Pre-K to tag along. 

Then, Saturday our school is having A Candy Cane Christmas.  It’ll be our first Christmas festival.  WE decided to try this instead of our usual fall festival since there are one million and one fall festivals around. 

I was in charge of the Secret Santa Store.  I remember vividly as a child shopping for gifts for my parents, so I wanted to bring this tradition to our school.  We are too small to have a consignment SSS like bigger schools have through major companies, so I’m putting it all together with lots of Dollar Tree purchases and donations from kind parents and grandparents.  I’ll be busy Friday evening and Saturday morning putting the final touches on it.  I can’t wait!!

Then, when the kids get here Monday, my Christmas tree will be all set up with the 12 Days of Christmas {Literature} all wrapped up and ready to be opened one at a time each day.  I am so excited!!  I’ll be sure to post pics after I get that set up. 

Thanks to all those sweet people who purchased units from me during the huge CYBER sale.  I am extremely grateful!!  I hope you snagged freebies while you were shopping!

Speaking of it looking like Christmaswe got off to a great start with Amy Lemons’ Christmas Craze unit.  I promised I’d post pics of the kids’ letters to Santa, so here they are:

I always love Amy’s crafty creations.  We also used her sequencing activity for Olive, the Other Reindeer.  I had the kids glue theirs on sentence strips vertically and then they could draw a picture of Olive at the bottom.  This was a great challenge for my firsties.  They really enjoyed it and I was shocked none of them had ever seen the book before.  I’ve copied all the goodies from her unit, so we’ll be using it throughout the month.   

Y’all go check it out: