Monday, November 26, 2012

A Christmas Freebie Packet

I must confess I was *not* looking forward to returning to school today.  My daughter has been sick, and I have slept beside her the past three nights and gotten VERY interrupted sleep from all the coughing, fever, and stuffy nose! So sad to watch your baby sick!! 

Couple that with the fact that we are quickly approaching a full moon and I just knew those kiddos would be Off.The.Chain (in the words of my brother).

However, I was pleasantly surprised by a smooth day!  One fun thing we did today was write our letters to santa and create a cute Santa craftivity.compliments of the fabulous Amy Lemons’ Christmas Craze unit which you can find {HERE}.  (I highly recommend itlots of great language arts resources!!)  I will post pictures tomorrow!   

Oh My Word!!!  I hope Santa is prepared to take out a loan because I couldn’t believe some of the expensive requests at such a young agetrampoline, new computer, electric scooter, ipod, Nintendo DS, Wii, robot, new tv.and on and on!!!

I’m thankful baby girl is happy with Easy Bake Ovens and dolls. Lol.

I had a few requests to add a Christmas Freebies packet similar to my Thanksgiving Packet, and you can get it by clicking the picture below.  Please consider leaving feedback if you snag it!!

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