Friday, July 29, 2011

A few back to school goodies....remember to enter giveaway!

I left my classroom at noon today, determined to relax and just enjoy this last afternoon of freedom!!  My daughter went to daycare so I could have some quiet time.  :)  Here are a few more pictures of my classroom.
Reading Nook

Homeworkopoly Board

Homeworkopoly Prizes and Credit Cards (they will receive one punch each time they pass GO, and some of the chance cards give them 2-3 credit card punches, too.  20 punches = free homework pass)

Morning Meeting/Calendar/Mini lesson area

Western Behavior Clip Chart

I am going to use Cara Caroll's fabulous Calendar Companion.  I've already made my calendar notebooks.  However, I am modifying things a big for second grade, so we will follow this schedule:  (I am also using Ms. Winston's weekly graphs)

And a few freebies for y'all.  Six Traits writing posters for primary grades:

and a birthday book club sheet to give parents at Open House:


  1. Love how your room looks!! So colorful and NEAT!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I love the boots for holding pencils. :) Such a cute and original idea!

  3. Hi, Ashley! I really love the boot idea as well! The rest is also very organized. I like how you opened drawers to take your pictures. :) Have a wonderful start to the school year! - Victoria

    (From and

  4. Love your Six Traits Posters! Thanks for the freebie! Just curious ~ where did you find the dotted letter font? Very cute!


  5. You must tell more about this Homeworkopoly!
    Looks great!

  6. Can you email me details on the Homeworkopoly game?

  7. I love your western behavior clip chart. Would you be willing to share it with me? If so, you could email it to Thanks so much!

  8. Awesome classroom ideas! Thanks for sharing!