Friday, July 22, 2011

6 + 1 Traits--A few resources...more to come!

Read below for how to snag these! :-)

I go back to school August 1st!!  The kiddos come August 3rd.  I am trying to work on my writing resources right now.  I spent $250 on mentor texts yesterday....every penny of my birthday money and then some (the ones mentioned in No More "I'm Done!") . I am also working on compiling my sequence of writing mini lessons for the year.  They come from NMID and from the 6+1 Traits Primary Guide.  I am going to share them in a few days as soon as I get them all organized.  I don't know if anyone can use them, but I figured I would share them just in case!  I'm having trouble with Google Docs, so I added these FREEBIES to TPT.  Please follow my store and check out my other goodies while you're there.  I have a giveaway coming up at 100 followers....just 7 more to go!! :-)
P.S.  If anyone can load a cute font onto my blog for me (I tried once and failed miserably), I would be eternally grateful!! :-)  Just let me know if you are an expert at this and give me your email addy...or just email me at


  1. THANKS for sharing!!!! and even more thanks for making them freebies :) I'm following your TpT store now.....

    ❀ Christine
    {heart} to Reed

  2. I Ashley...just came across your blog. So cute and I love the colors. I'm a second grade teacher also at

  3. I just found you and I am LOVING all of your stuff. I teach 2nd, NMID, and 6 traits!!