Friday, January 23, 2015

Centenarians Unite: It's the 100th Day!

There are few days quite as fun as the 100th Day of School!  We had a blast in Kindergarten today!  We all dressed up like 100 year old people.  We also did lots of fun activities.

I also got *ahem* a new boyfriend.  His name's Mr. Combover.  PLEASE don't tell hubby...he'll get jealous!!

Here are some highlights from our fun day!

 I'm still choking and gagging on baby powder!!

 100 gumballs! This can be done with paint or crayons.  We were running behind so crayons were quicker!

 Granny Ellie had just won a round of Bingo!
 The Classroom Fashionista did NOT disappoint...even in her old age!
 This silly goose told her mom, "Well most people don't live to be 100 anyway, so I'll just dress like a skeleton!"  LOL.  I'm glad she came as a cute little old lady with bifocals instead!!
 Here's my boyfriend, Mr. Combover.  That rainy, windy weather was killer on the little fellow's hair today!!

I loved this little guy's Life Alert button!

 We flipped a coin 100 times and graphed the results!
We did 100 exercises grouped by 10's.  Our push ups involved sitting in our chair and pushing ourselves up to standing.  And our sit ups involved lying our heads on our desk and sitting up.  They giggled and giggled at our geriatric aerobics!

And guess what?  You can snag all of these activities FOR FREE in this file:
Alright Sonny, it's time to take my back pill and head to bed.  These kiddos wore me out today!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Funds for Ferguson: Fundraising Bundle

Many people know about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, but what you may not know is the lengths the Ferguson Public Library went to in order to make sure kids and community members were safe.  They provided a safe place where kids could learn while schools were forced to close due to the extreme circumstances around them. The library provided a space for teachers to facilitate learning so kids would have a sense of normalcy. Now the library is in the process of hiring a full time children’s librarian to help facilitate their children’s programs. The library is also working to provide continuing education opportunities for community members.  It stands as a pillar of strength and community and is working to unite others in this community’s time of need. All proceeds earned from the sale the Funds for Ferguson library bundles will be donated directly to the library.  Please see the previews for each bundle to view items within the bundle. 
My Sweet blogger friend Rainah Pray, from Fit for Firsties, has put together this fundraiser!  You can shop here knowing that all proceeds will help the Ferguson Library!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Techie Tip: Easy Way to Choose a Font

How often have you wanted to choose THE PERFECT font but just been unable to do so?  Scrolling through your font list, highlighting and changing the font....over and over!  This is tiresome and frustrating.  I've found a FABULOUS website to help with font-choosing-woes!

Enter a FABULOUS website called!

Simply type the word or phrase into a box, then click the "Load Fonts" button and you can view the word in all fonts on your computer!  LOVE THIS TRICK!!

 How's that for a time-saving techie tip?  This is a trick I'll be using quite a bit!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Have Yourself a Crafty 'Lil Christmas {Linky Party!}

It's so incredibly fun to get crafty at Christmas time!  From parent gifts made by your students, to gifts you make to give your littles, I just love getting crafty for the holidays!  I'm going to show you my craftiness this holiday season, and I'd love for you to link up with your classroom gift ideas for teachers and students! Feel free to share templates, gift tags, etc. as I have done!

 Here's a peek at the adorable gifts we gave our parents this year!  Kindergarten is such a special year that I wanted to make some keepsake type gifts.  Also, since I teach at a Christian school we were able to make a religious craft as well!

This was by far my FAVORITE!  My hubby cut out 3x3 blocks, painted them white, and distressed them.  I used to edit the pictures and make the kids into reindeer, elves, or Santa.  I had them use their own handwriting and "practice spelling" to write on thing they're wishing for.  Then I tied colorful bakers twine into a bow and attached to the top!

I found these adorable rustic frames at Hobby Lobby.  I'm not sure who wrote the poem...I found it on pinterest!  This was a special gift!

For this gift we used jumbo clear plastic ornaments from the Dollar Tree.  I used acrylic paint to add the children's thumbprints, then we turned them into reindeer.  I made gift tags to explain what was inside the ball.  Then the students dictated their stories to me and drew a reindeer.  I love that this is like a time capsule of their kindergarten year! :)
 At our Christmas party we made snow globes for our parents!  This activity was led by one of my parents.  You spray paint the mason jar lids red, use gorilla glue to attach an ornament to the lid, and add water, liquid glycerin, and glitter.  The kids LOVED these!  I created some cute labels you can attach to your own snowglobes!

For my kiddos, I bought Peeps "lollipops" and attached these cute cards.  They loved them!!

Want the FREE templates for ALL the gifts featured above?  Click the gift below to download the Google file! Enjoy!!

Now, how about linking up and sharing your classroom Christmas crafts!  Use this button and attach your link below! :)  Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Better late than never: Turkeys in Disguise

I was so excited about my students' Turkey in disguise project.  My kinder-cuties and their families came up with several turkeys I'd never seen created before!  Check out these adorable projects inspired by my "Eat More Ham" product!

 Guess what?  The disguises worked!  Mr. Turkey was safe! :)

And my little peanut Morgan's turkey (for First Grade) was a Las Vegas Showgirl! LOL!  We may or may not have gotten in trouble by hubby for all the glitter in the house!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Who's Shopping for Christmas? I am, I am!!

I LOVE shopping for Christmas....especially online shopping where I can score some great deals that come right to my door!
I've got a FABULOUS little number to show all you Jamberry fans out there.

 This beautiful set will be available beginning November 12th, but you can reserve yours NOW by filling out my Pre-order Google Form!
The set retails for $45 and includes an application kit and THREE exclusive wraps not available in the catalog!  Better includes a sparkle wrap, an ombre wrap, AND a tint!  Plus it comes in an adorable holiday gift box with a holiday card!  
I'm thinking...teacher gift, babysitter gift, bestie gift, mom gift....and on and on!  One stop holiday shopping for all the girls in your life!
You can reserve your fabulous gift boxes here:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happiness in a Box!

Who loves getting mail?
I do!
Especially when it contains stylish, beautiful things that are fun!

This week I got TWO fabulous boxes in the mail that I'm UBER excited about!  First up, my brain simply cannot remember things anymore...I'm too busy and I realized I MUST keep a calendar or I will quickly forget appointments and live in C.H.A.O.S.  KWIM?

Enter this little box from Erin Condren....
I decided that I want to feel like a DIVA.  A DIVA who is organized.  So...I splurged and got the GOLD EDITION!  Oh.My.Word.  I am in love!

I also splurged and got the pen holder and the beautiful pens!
Now, I can't wait to get this bad boy all organized and set up so I can be an organized DIVA!

Now, on to my other Happiness in a Box.  I am a Jamberry consultant and I subscribe to our JAMAZING StyleBox monthly service.  Each month, I get over $30 worth of Jamberry products...including an EXCLUSIVE only available for subscribers...for $25.  No tax, and no shipping!  Here's what I unveiled this month...
 I love these bright, preppy pops of colors.  And look at the fun bonus...nail decals with a clear wrap to cover them!  Love them!!
 You can purchase your own Erin Condren Planner at this link:

You can subscribe to SyleBox by Jamberry at this link:

I'm expecting one more little Box of Happiness this coming week.  Can you guess what it might be or where it might be from?