Monday, April 27, 2015

My Favorite Fonts: KG Fonts {GIVEAWAY}

All teachers are a bit obsessive about fonts, yes?  One of my all-time favorite font creators is Kimberly Geswein!  I'm going to show you some of my favorite KG Fonts:

One of the best purchases I ever made was the All Fonts Commercial License that Kimberly offers.  I can download any and all current AND future fonts KG makes to use personally or commercially.  You can grab that license here:

I also love this Font-pairing guide that Kimberly recently published to show you how to use fonts properly.  This file is a FREEBIE!
 Remember, KG fonts are FREE for personal use.  You can even pay per font for commercial use if the lifetime license is too much for you to swing.  Watch for that lifetime license to go on sale (usually 20-28% off) during Teachers Pay Teachers' big sales!  That's when I snagged mine!

Next week, I'll highlight another favorite Font artist!

Wahoo-- Kimberly Geswein has graciously agreed to give away FIVE Commercial Use Single Font Licenses.  You pick the 5 fonts!  Enter below:

Friday, April 24, 2015

Techy Tip: Filling Text with Paper or Color in Powerpoint

If you're not creating your products using Powerpoint, I HIGHLY recommend trying it out!  I love Powerpoint so much, in fact, that I even type up letters in it! LOL.

Did you know that the sky is the limit when it comes to the beautiful fonts available out there?  You aren't stuck with plain black text anymore.  Your text can truly pop off the page!  Here are a few tips.  Please click on the pictures to view them larger! :)

1.  Start with a font and type your text in the size you prefer.   Click inside the text box, right click, and select "Edit Text."

You'll see 2 options:  Shape Options (for formatting the text box itself) or Text Options (for formatting the Text).  Be sure to choose Text Options!  Then click on the "A with a line under it" which will lead you to Text Fill and Text Outline.

2.  Highlight the text and click on "Text Fill" then "Picture or Texture Fill."  Then click "File."  You'll go to your digital paper files and choose the one you want to fill the text with.
The text should immediately fill up with that digital paper. 

 You can also outline your letters by clicking on Text Outline and choosing your color and outline width.

You can fill your fonts with solid colors, too!  The black outline can really make the letters pop!

I hope you learned something new!  Powerpoint is AMAZING....try it out!  I'll be back with more Powerpoint tricks later!

Rhyming to read? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy **Giveaway!**

Any teacher of young children will tell you that children LOVE to rhyme!  Read a Dr. Seuss book and they giggle uncontrollably.  Play rhyming games?  Yes, please!  Rhyming is fun.  BUT, it serves an incredibly important purpose as well!!

According to Ann Logsdon, a Learning Disabilities Expert, "The ability to recognize and produce rhyming words is an important phonological awareness skill. Research indicates there is a correlation between phonological awareness and reading ability. Working on rhyming skills is usually part of most programs of reading instruction for that reason."

My friends at Rhyme to Read want to give away FIVE of their Rhyme to Read Ipad Apps!  This fun app is sure to be a hit in your classroom!  Here's a peek at the app in action:

 I love that this app has a strong focus on both Word Families/Rhyming Words AND on Sight Words.  The Rhyming parts are color coded for easy visual discrimination.

Want to use this app in your classroom?  Enter the giveaway below.  We'll be giving away FIVE prizes!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Teacher Says....

Do you have any witty little classroom-isms you use on a regular basis?  I sure do!  Here are a few of my favorites!

 I use this saying to encourage my kids who are struggling with invented spelling.

 I find myself using this bad boy MULTIPLE times a day.  Messy strewn everywhere after a project, etc.  My hubby says he's gonna start using this one on me! ;)

 Do you have any little friends whose classwork is less legible than a board certified surgeon?  Yikes!  I do!  I remind them that they will likely be doctors one day, and they can write as messy as they want then.  But for now, I need to be able to at least *read* their answers!

 This is one many of us use!  It's great for helping to establishing the habit of writing their names IMMEDIATELY! 

 Do you like these fun signs?  Go grab them here {for FREE!!}...

Friday, March 13, 2015

5 for Friday {with a St. Patty's freebie!}

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again this week for Five for Friday.  Here are 5 random highlights of my week:

1.  I'm planning my table for our annual Father Daughter dance.  I've decided to go with a Vintage Garden Theme.  Think, muted colors, hydrangeas, peonies, mason jar drinking glasses, etc.  I got these fabulous teal/peach/gray goodies at Hobby Lobby.  The gray dishes are from Target, and the glasses and tops are from Amazon.  I can't wait to see it all come together!
 2.  Today we read one of my original poems about Roy G. Biv and colored a scrappy rainbow by Graphics from the Pond.  I've uploaded it as a freebie on TPT!

3.  I love the Leprechaun Directed drawings shared by Jennifer @ First Grade Blue Skies.  My kiddos' drawings turned out precious and look adorable displayed in our hallway! 

4.  My sister has just joined Keep Collective as a designer.  I'm so excited about this new jewelry line.  I'm having an online party right now.  You can shop here:

5.  I'm blessed with a fabulous hubby who is so good to me and our daughter!  She found a you tube tutorial on how to make a reborn baby bed out of a laundry basket, so here is it making it with her! :)

Go link up with Doodle Bugs!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Daily Deals Sites

Confessions Time:  I am an AVID reader...and and AVID shopper.  So when my two passions can collide, I'm all for it!  Have you read this series?  If not, put it on your summer reading list or stash it in your beach bag this Spring break.  It's AMAZING!! (Click to go to the author's Amazon site!)

One way I get my retail therapy being a busy wife and mom is through Daily Deal sites!  I want to highlight a few of my favorite Daily Deal sites...including a couple you may have never heard of!  I'm also going to showcase a few of my favorite {recent} finds from those sites.  I didn't purchase all of these things, but they were all things that suit my fancy! ;)

I couldn't believe that they had this beautiful Jo Totes camera bag for a STEAL.  I also couldn't believe that this monogrammed bracelet (that I've eyed on other sites) is on sale for $8.99.  Talk about a great teacher gift!!
{This is my all time FAVORITE Daily Deals site.  And I *may* have purchased everything on this collage except the flats!!}
I think I could redecorate my ENTIRE house using this one site alone!  While there are lots of pricy items on this site, there are also some fabulous deals to find if you dig around!
I'm determined to use these gold dots on an accent wall when we redecorate our bedroom!  And I would love to put this adorable chalkboard stand in the foyer of our house and feature inspiring quotes and scripture written with colorful chalk pens!
 4. Zulily is another one of my favorites.  There is truly something for everyone on this site!  There are lots of unique items.  I also love that they have fabulous gifts for children so I can stock up on Christmas and birthday presents when I see a neat deal!
 Where are your favorite places to get beautiful items for great prices from the comfort of your home?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cropping Images to Fit in a Shape: Techy Tutorial

Today I finally learned how to do something I've wanted to do forever.  I learned how to crop an image to fit inside a shape without overlap, like this:

 I decided to make a step by step tutorial for those of you who want to do this as well.  So, here you go!  Hope this is helpful!

Let me know what you think...was this helpful? :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reading Across America With He Who Must Not Be Named

No, I'm not talking this guy....
 I'm talking this guy...
 Apparently this fat cat's camp is CRAY-CRAY when it comes to creating TPT products, mentioning his name, or anything of the sort!  That's why he must not be named!! 

My Kindergarten class had fun celebrating Read Across America Day.  Here are the highlights of what all we did:

We Made Thing 1 and Thing 2 headbands using this template by the fabulous Jennifer White of First Grade Blue Skies.  Click the picture to go to Jennifer's blog post!
 We made a One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish booklet:
We made -at Hats:
We posed like the Fat Cat himself:
We imagined what a wocket must look like:
And we had the most magical reading celebration ever led by a fabulous parent volunteer:

I put together some freebies for our celebration.  Go snag them here: